Savoury snacks

Organic triangular corn cakes (SI & NO) with buckwheat, quinoa and amarath

Organic triangular corn cakes (SI & NO) with buckwheat, quinoa and amarath
Not fried
Gluten free
Sesame Free
Nuts Free
Egg Free
Peanuts Free
No Palm Oil
No Sulfites


Ingredients: 78.5% buckwheat*, 5% quinoa*, 5% amaranth*, rice*, corn oil*, salt. Produced in a factory that also uses milk* and soy*. *From organic farming.

80 gr

Useful Information

Quinoa, Amaranth and buckwheat are considered "pseudo-cereals" because they are not cereals but they can be cook as them or transformate in flours.
"Si&No" are a source of low glycemic index carbohidrates, gluten free and vegetal proteins. Pseudo-cereals contain all essential aminoacids, are rich in E vitamin and they bring minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganesium and zinc.
Iron contributes to normal training of red blood cells and hemoglobin, to normal function of immune system and, as magnesium does, to normal energetic methabolism and to reduct tiredness. Potassium contributes to keep normal levels of blood pressure and, as magnesium does, to normal function of nervous system. Phosphorus contributes to normal function of cell membranes. Zinc contributes to normal fertilty and reproduction and, as manganesium and E vitamin do, contributes to protect cells from stress.
"Si&No" are ideal with vegetables, legumes, cereals, winter soups or summer salads, and they are perfect for happy hours or snacks. Only organic ingredients are employed, that guaranted a good source of fibres.egan certification ensure environmental and no-animal exploitation ethics.