Cereal Cakes

Organic "superseeds" cakes

Organic "superseeds" cakes
High in fibre
Source of Potassium
Source of Iron
Nuts Free
Lactose Free
Egg Free
Peanuts Free
No Palm Oil
No Sulfites


73% whole rye*, 8% quinoa*, 8% spelt*, 5% amaranth*, 2% whole oat*, 1% chia seeds (Salvia hispanica)*, 1% hemp seeds*, 1% flax seeds*, sea salt. *from organic farming. Contain gluten. May contain traces of sesame* and soy*.

100 gr

Useful Information

Our multigrains cakes from organic farming born from a mix between three whole cereals (spelt, rye and oat) and two pseudo-cereals (quinoa and amaranth), and they are enriched by "superseeds" with important nutritional properties ( hemp seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds) and they contain a few salt percenteage (less than an half from traditional rice and corn cakes). Organic cakes with "superseeds" are a source of iron and acid fat omega-3. A 100gr pack contains about 0,68 g di alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3) that contributes to normal function of cell membranes. Iron contributes to normal training of red blood cells and hemoglobin, to normal function of immune system and, as magnesium do, to normal energetic methabolismo and to reduct tiredness. Organic cakes with "superseed" are high in fibres, that help with correct functions of intestinal system and they are a good source of proteins, E vitamin and zinc. Vegan certification ensure environmental and no-animal exploitation ethics. These cakes are ideals instead of bread, as snack or original appetizer, enjoying with or without other ingredients.