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In 1918 Leonildo Fiorentini ...

Our story begins in 1940’s when Vittorio Fiorentini, in his grocery shop in Turin previously established in 1918 from Leonildo Fiorentini, starting dealing with foodstuffs coming from far away. He looked for peculiar products with strange names and even stranger tastes and fragrances, such as couscous and unleavened bread, spices, fruits and sauces: walking through those isles it felt like discovering the world’s food cultures, somehow an early Expo.

Roberto and Adriana Fiorentini inherit his curiosity for food and thanks to their keen eye on trends, they widen the range of products adding healthy and macrobiotic ones.  
If an artist rides the imagination, a businessman foresees the future and starts building it.  

Sensing the interest growing in healthy nutrition vs. junk food, in 2002 Fiorentini starts producing bread substitutes. The broad variety of products embraces gluten free, vegan, organic, very high quality products with an outstanding healthy value but still appealing for their taste.
The story of our cereal cakes, snacks and a lot more begins, proudly ranking among Europe first companies for quality and production capacity.