Live Fiorentini

Healthy, organic and... good!

Fiorentini produces and sells different kinds of products, meeting the various requests of our consumers.

Organic, low-calorie, free from and healthy snacks .. Our wide product range includes bread substitutes, gluten free and with no yeast products, but also sweet and savory cereal snacks, breakfast cereals and flakes, sugar and fructose, flours and soy lecithin .. ideal for who wants to stay fit and for everybody else!

All our products are strictly monitored and controlled. The Italian quality of our products allows us to expand and succeed both in Italy and abroad, receiving a great feedback from customers and consumers.

Our aim is at the same time simple but fundamental: the organic and healthy product does not have to be exclusively linked to the boring and flavorless stereotype but to something good and suitable for all.  

Stop to junk food and tasteless products. Let natural, healthy and good food in!