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Our company, Fiorentini Alimentari S.p.A, is based in Turin. We are focus on healthy and organic food specialties combining them with taste and flavour. We sell the production of Birko S.r.l. (the production company also owned by Fiorentini family) that is centered on bread substitutes and snacks. Our aim is at the same time simple but fundamental: the organic and healthy product doesn’t have to be exclusively linked to the boring and flavorless stereotype but to something good and suitable for all.  

Nowadays being a producer in Italy is a real challenge. We strive everyday but we are willing to keep the production in Birko's plants, located in Strada del Francese, Turin.   11.000 square meters, of which 3.400 are dedicated to the production of gluten free products (certified by Health Ministry) and 7600 square meters of warehousing depot.  

We sell products which are well known all over the world. They belong to different cultures, not only to the Italian tradition. As a matter of fact the Italian taste, the quality of our raw materials and the Made in Italy open us the gates to many different markets, such as United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Austria. The interest increasingly arouses from further countries, too. More and more projects have been started and are taking deep root in the USA, Canada and Japan …. We love to consider ourselves globetrotters!

Aside from the high quality of our products, what allows Fiorentini to be so much appreciated outside Italian borders is a result of different factors: meticulous research on the end-consumers’ needs and expectations, customizations of the recipes. We try to remain different from what is already present on the local scenario, innovation and appealing packaging are some of Fiorentini’s successful moves.

We strongly believe in the winning mix between conscious work and quality. For Fiorentini every step is equally important. There is a continuous attention and care, starting from the selection of the raw materials, going through different processes up to the final product.  
We are proud to offer and grant always a high quality product.